McCafe as a Luxury Brand

The final creative assignment for the course “Meaning and Interpretation” required the class to create an artifact using semiotic themes learned throughout the semester. My partner and I created a design using the McCafe brand to demonstrate how McDonald’s was attempting to re-brand themselves as a luxury brand through the introduction of McCafe. In addition, we wrote a paper on our approach to the design and which semiotic tools were used to justify our design decisions.

© Amrita Maharaj and Andrew Barbisan

Gender Stereotyping in Video Games

My course, “Introduction to Digital Culture” our final project consisted of us doing an creative project or paper that discussed one of the themes of the course. We had a special lecture on pornography and I found that there were a lot of themes that overlapped with video games.¬† A deep investigation of the material revealed a lot of semiotic themes. As a result of the semiotic analysis I conducted in the paper, I was asked to give a lecture on these themes for the aforementioned “Meaning and Interpretation” class. I have give this lecture for 3 years and continue to improve and iterate on my ideas as I learn new things.

Below is the slide deck that I’ve used for my presentation.

My Armour Does Not Define Me

Semiotic Anthropology

I was interested in this course to see the differences between media semiotics which I learnt previously and that of cultural semiotics. The “Semiotic Anthropology” course was fantastic and gave great insight into art, body codes, and cultural practices. My final paper¬†consisted of decoding cultural practices around dining establishments.